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Babies stomachs are born very immature and can often struggle with the consumption of milk in the early stages and show signs of discomfort when solids are introduced. By using specific techniques, baby massage can support those little digestive systems to break down any gas build ups and increase positive digestion and bowel movements.


The word colic is often used to describe a whole range of unsettled behaviours in a baby; it is generally referred to babies who may cry persistently for hours, tend to have digestive problems, struggles with wind or are mildly constipated. Learning a tailored routine through baby massage can help to relieve some of those colicky symptoms and bring an understanding for parents as to why their baby is finding it hard to settle.


Teething can begin months in advance for our babies, the gums are sore and work hard to support the movement of teeth before they make their little appearance. Baby massage around the gums can relieve those pains and also teach parents the cues of teething and what techniques are recommended to ease the build-up of pressure.

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Attachment & Bonding

Infant massage encourages the bond between baby and parent through eye to eye contact, a loving touch, a calm, soothing voice and a development of trust. Each gentle stroke promotes love and a communication like no other. Love creates Love.

Meet New Parents

Welcoming a new baby into your life can be filled with many highs and lows; through attending regular workshops with familiar faces, you are given the opportunity to share experiences, make new friends and develop relationships outside of classes. Baby massage classes can be a great way for your baby to interact with other babies too.

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Infant Mental Health

Baby massage can promote the foundations of positive mental health by teaching your baby that the world is a loving and compassionate place. We aim to support wiring a baby’s brain for love and relaxation, rather than stress, fears or anxiety.

Post-Natal Depression

The transition to motherhood can be challenging and increase depressive symptoms for some. Many of us face lonely times and a feared disconnection from our babies. Sharing a special moment with your infant can increase mental wellness and help you to understand your babies cues and needs.

Many more...

Any form of loving touch for a baby is important, infant massage workshops are aimed for you to create your own Love Bubble and enjoy the special moments shared with your new bundle of joy, away from the sometimes busy environments we live in.

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