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Here are some frequently asked questions however if you can't find the answer you are looking for then complete our Contact Us from below and we will make sure to come back to you right away.

How often should I massage my baby?

  • Indian culture believe twice per day, morning and night.

  • Western culture lead busier lives, typically this is once per day i.e:

  • After bath time

  • During a feed

  • Quiet and alert time during the day

  • Once a day, week or month is better than not at all.

How long should I massage my baby for?

  • Short and sweet bursts around 10 minutes

  • A couple of strokes on each part of the body

  • One area of the body per day i.e. feet, tummy, legs

  • As much touch as you can give

Will my baby sleep better?

We can't say YES to this as it will not guarantee a full nights sleep but it will definitely relax your baby and release oxytocin's. A more relaxed baby has a better chance of sleeping better and feeding better.

What if my baby cries during massage?

This doesn't mean you are doing anything wrong or that baby doesn't like it, it likely means that baby is trying to communicate something to you i.e, might be cold, hungry or simply just change position.

How should my baby react to massage?

Some babies relax and fall asleep, other babies find it over simulating and can be prone to cry if it is overwhelming for them. All babies are different. Start with holding certain body parts and get baby used to touch, a lot of babies enjoy their legs and feet massaged where as face and tummy can be quite sensitive. Babies are generally thirsty we encourage you to give baby a drink or feed, from this babies tend to pass wind.

When should a parent massage a baby?

  • When parent and baby are relaxed

  • Approximately 45 minutes after a feed or after a sleep so that baby is relaxed

  • When baby is expressing relaxed cues

What if my baby won't stay still during a massage?

  • This is very common in older babies but be flexible and go with the flow of your baby and avoid rolling baby back to your chosen position.

  • Feel free to change the position to suit e.g. if baby keeps rolling from back to stomach then massage the back or feet.

  • Go with the flow, use things like music and or baby rhymes and make eye contact.

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