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Aus Mumpreneur Finalist Award 2023 for Children's Wellness Business of the year.

Learn more about the power of touch, and how baby massage can support you and your baby


"My VISION is to create a safe space for new parents to learn the power of touch through baby massage"

– Naomi, Founder of Baby Love Massage.

What is Baby Love Massage?

Baby Love Massage was founded with the intention of supporting new mothers within the community to learn, practice and fall in love with the beauty of baby massage.

Baby massage is taught to parents through courses tailored to meet the needs of your baby. We support you to relieve your infant of any unwanted digestive problems, teething pains, reflux and guide you through practice to build confidence with tummy time.


Improve reflux and colic symptoms in your baby.

Target key areas of discomfort for your baby using the correct techniques 

Strengthen the bond between you and your baby.

Feel empowered and confident when providing comfort to your baby.



"My VISION is to create a safe space for new parents to learn the power of touch through baby massage" 

Baby Spa Day workshop

Workshops and courses

We offer a range of classes to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a 5 week course to cover massage over the whole body, a casual class that focuses on a specific area, a Baby Massage workshop or a private consultation in the comfort of your own home, we have something to suit everyone.

Naomi Westerman

Who am I?

I’m Naomi and alongside my supportive husband, we navigate the journey of parenthood to our beloved son, Theodore. We are a loving, busy family, who enjoy seeing the world together and making lasting memories.

What inspired me to create Baby Love?

After the birth of Theodore, he began experiencing distressing symptoms in his delicate gut. Despite seeking help from medical professionals, we felt helpless at times, as our newborn suffered with “colic” symptoms, without sufficient answers or support.

Witnessing his pain at such a tender age was deeply hurtful, prompting me to seek a solution and provide the comfort he desperately needed.

As a family, we delved into the ancient world of baby massage, discovering its remarkable impact on our baby’s developing gut and restoring my fading confidence.

Why choose Baby Love?

This transformative experience ignited a passionate desire within me to extend this support to others facing similar challenges. Driven by a vision to create a nurturing community space for new parents to learn the power of touch through baby massage, I was inspired to tackle the sensitive issues that newborns and their families encounter.

Naomi Westerman - Founder of Baby Love Massage

Words of Love from Clients

"Learnt some valuable new tips for massage with my bub and had a great time meeting some other mums."

SELINA, Mama to William


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